Designer + Developer


Remix the Symphony

I worked as the User Experience Designer for Remix the Symphony, a collaboration between Ball State University's Center for Emerging Media Design and Development and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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Continue? What Keeps Players Motivated

In my thesis, Continue? What Keeps Players Motivated While Playing Role-Playing Video Games, I explored the relatioship between User Experience and motivation as it relates to video games.

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Interaction Design and Graphic Design

I have designed various interactive prototypes to explore interaction design. These range from user journeys for phone apps, icons, wireframes, and other mock-ups.

Additionally, I have done work in graphic design, both in the realm of user experience design as well as for personal projects.

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Front-end Development

I have worked on a number of front-end web development projects. My work has primarily focused on HTML/CSS/JavaScript, but I have also worked a bit in React and with other front-end technologies.

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Fiction and Journalism

I am a published author with fiction works that have appeared in Crimefactory, Diagonal Proof, 5923 Quarterly, as well as the anthology 100 Doors to Madness.

As a journalist, my work has appeared in many places, such as Has it Leaked?, LitReactor, and others.

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I'm currently accepting freelance work and other jobs, so, please, feel free to reach out!

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