Front-End Development

I've worked on quite a few front-end projects over the years, and most of my work and experiments are available at CodePen, but I've embedded some of my favorites below

Fair warning, some of these may not play well with older versions of IE

Javascript and CSS Clock

This is an implementation of a clock created with pure CSS and Javascript, including all the animation. One particular detail to notice here is the way the second hand 'bounces' as it moves along, like a real clock.

See the Pen JavaScript and CSS Clock by Sean May (@Lumiras) on CodePen.

Photo Flip effect with Velocity.js

This example uses the Velocity.js framework to help out on the animation to create a cool 3D effect when the card is clicked. Probably not all that applicable to most sites, but I thought the effect looked nice. This is also, somehow, my most popular Pen on CodePen by far.

See the Pen Photo Flip with velocity.js by Sean May (@Lumiras) on CodePen.

Hex Value Color-changing Clock

This project assigns the current time to a hex value, constantly counting up. The color changes every second, though the effect is pretty subtle initially...but if you're here when the hour changes over, get ready for a show!

See the Pen Hex Color Clock by Sean May (@Lumiras) on CodePen.