Remix the Symphony

I worked as the User Experience Designer for Remix The Symphony, a unique practicum collaboration between the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Ball State's Center for Emerging Media Design and Development

In this role, I worked within a team of five to create an outreach program that would appeal specifically to millenials and younger audiences to drum up interest in the symphony's Lilly Classical series

The main challenge myself and my team confronted in develping this program was that the typical concertgoer for the concerts we were promoting was over 70 years old. It's a little tough to make something like that appealing to a 22 year old.

To develop a solution, we used Design Thinking, a method of design that is closely related to Agile software development in that it is focused on quickly developing iterative prototypes to try to develop solutions in a low-cost and dynamic way

My Role

My role in Remix the Symphony was a User Experience designer. This involved doing extensive testing with users and potential users that would come in contact with Remix the Symphony, as well as developing prototypes for the various stages of the project.

While my role may have differed from the traditional definition of a user experience designer at a software company, there is still substantial overlap in the skills I utilized in the project that would also apply to a more traditional role.

Essentially, my objective during Remix the Symphony was to make sure things 'just worked', to reduce friction for our users and to make sure they were having the most pleasant and engaging experience.

In addition to the User Experience work, I worked as a graphic designer and video producer for the project. The project was very visual-heavy, so we had two visual designers working on the project, and I'm really happy with the results that we both put out.