I am an author, I've written both fiction and journalism. Here are a few selections


I've written 3 fiction books currently available on Amazon, and I'm incredibly proud to be included in a number of anthologies and publications, listed below

The Case

Seth and Nina were sent to Berlin to do a simple job: Recover a briefcase full of priceless artwork and bring it back to New York City. When they get back and the case goes missing, Seth and Nina will need to fight their way through the layers of the criminal underworld to get the case back. With their kingpin, a mysterious man named Parker, breathing down their necks to get the case back, Seth and Nina have two choices: get the case back or die trying.

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Thirteen stories of harrowing crime. Includes "The Diner", which appeared in Crimefactory, "Chop", which appeared in 5923 Quarterly, "Cloverleaf Blues", published in Diagonal Proof, plus the former standalone story "The Cleanup" and eight all new never before published stories.

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"The Cleanup"

Tim came to the Astro Apartment complex to clean up after a brutal double murder, but what awaited him at the crime scene was beyond what he expected.

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Crime Factory Issue 6

My story, "The Diner" appears in the 6th issue of the highly-regarded magazine of crime fiction and interviews, Crime Factory

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100 Doors to Madness

My short story, "Worms Under the Skin" appears with 99 other excellent horror stories in the anthology 100 Doors to Madness

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In addition to my fiction work, my journalism and non-fiction work has appeared in LitReactor, Has it Leaked?, the Anderson Herald Bulletin, and the Ball State Daily News